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1 Cherished Little Darlings Artistry Guild
0 34
reborn artistry guild
all aspects of reborning
members from all over the world
new members always welcome
0 11
Artist reborn leader french guild
3 Praise
0 12
4 D.F.N.S
0 30

A nice, friendly place to go to not only show off our reborns, silicones, OOAKS, as well as family, pets, etc. but to also chat! Get hints, tips and info. Play games. Just have FUN!
5 Timeless Reborn Guild
0 9
6 Reborn Angels
0 16
7 Crib Forum Guild
0 7
8 Artists Of Integrity
0 18
Reborn Artists forum,also for collectors of reborn dolls.Friendly and informative discussion, light chat and fun,contacts and links.Come and join us !
9 Doll Collectors Worldwide
0 10
This forum brings together the Buyers, Sellers & Artists of Collectible Reborn & OOAK Dolls in a FUN and FRIENDLY atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to register and join in on the fun.
10 Academy of Reborn Doll Artist Guild
0 13
ARDA welcomes novice reborn baby artists as well as professional reborn artist. We all had to start somewhere. Our only requirements are that you must have completed at least 3 dolls, reborn or sculptures, and can email us photos of them to be accepted as
11 Doll lovers online
0 16

A multi-language meeting place for doll lovers from around the world. Watch Colliii TV for interviews, reviews and demos and take part in the Colliii Awards, the worlds largest online baby doll competition.
12 Artistic Reborn Artist Guild
0 13
Welcome to our guild. We are a group of artists coming together to support each other and our reborning artistry.

Our goal is ultimately to have fun, and while doing so, help each other achieve both guild and personal goals in the reborn world.
0 6
Reborn Artists are welcome both novice and experienced. Tutorials, Tips, Suppliers, Events, competitions and friendship.
14 Reborn Magic
0 18

A BRAND NEW forum! Celebrating the wonderful world of Reborn Artistry. Forum includes Baby and Member of the month competitions, directories, tutorial areas - all waiting for new members to come and list themselves!
15 Reborn Babies Artisan Guild
0 4
Members of RBAG support one another, and respect the work of all other artists and guilds, whether they may be just starting out or are known worldwide. Membership of RBAG is granted to those who str
16 Australian Reborners, Crafters and Collectors Guil
0 11
If you are a reborn artist that is looking for a friendly place to share and learn, A.R.C.A.C.G would love to have you as part of our family.
Craft members are most welcome also!
17 Reborner's Anonymous
0 30

Reborner's Anonymous is a group of reborners and doll collectors that just want to have fun and enjoy each other! Feel free to drop in and make yourself at home, this is a very laid back forum.
18 Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild
0 20

Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild is Reborn Artist and Craft Guild Community dedicated to the improvement and excellence in reborn artistry. Our forum has some of the most wonderful people in the wo
0 9

A forum based group has members all over the world. We share our tips and, tricks with reborning and, sculpting, design with one another.
On a quest to share the techniques that we use and, all of the
20 rain
0 1
Hi and welcome to RAIN a site dedicated to
maintaining the reputation and Artistry that is
21 Reborn Dolls Artist's Circle
0 16

Hi welcome to Reborn Dolls Artist Circle , This is a place to post pictures , auctions , dolls for sale , Reborn infomation , etc. This is a place that all Reborn Artist, Advanced or beginning are wel
22 Exceptional Reborn Artistry Guild
0 11

ERA is an International guild consisting of Reborn Artists, Doll Sculptors, and Reborn Boutique Designers.We are a friendly community coming together ,Sharing , learning ,and teaching one another our skills in the goal of improving our art forms.
23 Reborns R Us
0 13

An online community where you can discus and share your reborning and other doll related hobbies. Suitable for both artists and collectors.
24 The Doll Spot
0 8

This forum has been created for all aspects of Doll Artists, and Collectors. We have a variety of very talented artists, from realistic babies to primates, those who knit, crochet, sew, and craft. You
0 3
We're a group of reborn artists (and doll dealers, reborn suppliers, collectors and sculptors too!) who believe that continuing, proven education is one of the keys to improvement in this field.
0 19

Un forum&site français de partage et d'entraide, tous niveaux!
27 Doll Fan
0 15
28 Angelic Reborns Forum
0 23
29 Doll Chit Chat
0 11
Doll Chit Chat a forum for all doll enthusiasts from around the world.
30 Bountiful Baby Talk
0 14
31 International Doll Makers Forum
0 4
A Forum for All Doll Lovers to Chat and Share...
32 International Art and Doll LIVE
0 3
Free Auctions, Forums, Chat, Galleries and Store fronts.
0 17

We are a very Friendly reborning forum that is there for all members from what ever stage they are at reborning. we have many members that will help and answer any questions you may have to help you improve your work.
34 International Reborn Webring ~Circle of Friendship
0 2
International Reborn Webring ~Circle of Friendship~ from Germany! Come in and find out...
35 International Doll and Art Emporium
0 6

IDAAE is an online Doll and Art Community. From the Emporium Mall to Doll and Art live auction Site, we have everything a buyer, collector, or supplier could want.
36 The Reborn Babies Artist Guild
0 4

A small Guild where we can share information to others and help them with any questions they may have, not just for reborning, we have sculpts, knitting and sewing aswell, anyone can join in we are ve
37 Reborn Baby Dolls
0 18
Come join REBORN BABY DOLLS, membership is FREE! We have many wonderful talented reborners that are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with others. We have lots of fun learning a
0 6
A friendly site for both reborn artists and collectors to come together and discuss their love for reborning and reborn babies.
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